Hamid Alattar

حميد العطار - hamid alattar

His Biography

Hamid Majeed Habib Alattar was born in Karbala’a, Iraq in 1935.

He graduated from Law School in Baghdad in 1955; Hamid learned drawing by the renowned artist Atta Sabri.

 He worked as solicitor in Hilla, Babylon. He also worked as a lawyer and practiced drawing as one of his hobbies.

A founder member of Iraq Artists Association in 1956

Participated in All exhibitions of the association since establishment.

Contributed in many Iraqi Art exhibitions inside and outside Iraq.

Hamid held his solo exhibitions in different cities like Baghdad, Cairo, Beirut, Damascus and London.

He studied art in Berlin, Germany 1963 – 1967, also studied Arts Criticism in University of Cairo in 1974 and got his higher Diploma in 1978.

Then he lived in Beirut, Damascus, and London where he settled for more than twenty years until his demise on December 23, 2016.